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MIGM Engineering specializes in the development of custom prototypes and also have the capacity of full-scale production.

Additionally, we manufacture replacement parts for virtually any type of machinery or equipment. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to produce parts that are 100% interchangeable with the original.

Our commitment to exceptionally high quality manufacturing and service is how we have grown our business. We believe in working with our customers as a team and putting in every effort possible to achieve your end result.

Our aim is simply to assist you as best we can.

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I would like to introduce to you
the world’s first Autobacking Camper.


You are witnessing the World’s First Autobacking Camper, built in Australia. The inventor is Ronald Timmons of Autobacking.com (USA). Ron Teamed up with Michael La Torre of M.I.G.M Engineering in Hallam Victoria Australia to modify a Jayco Finch, which was later christened the ‘Ladybird’. The Autobacking system will be available in mid to late 2014 when production commences.

*Order now by contacting Ronald Timmons at www.autobacking.com or by contacting Michael La Torre at www.migmengineering.com.au

Available for boat trailers, off road trailers, wood chippers, Military trailers, horse floats, industrial trailers, commercial trailers, 6x4’s, 8x10’s etc. Single and double axle.

Main feature

The system allows the trailer to act like a normal trailer at the switch of a button. So, if you are used to backing trailers you just switch the system off and that’s it. Flick the switch on and it’s Autobacking again.

If you have been backing trailers all your life, then you probably won’t appreciate this system as much as your partner will, or someone who is considering buying a caravan or trailer for the first time.

*Unfortunately we cannot sell our kits directly to the public at the moment due to the cost of manufacturing a single unit. However, companies can purchase this amazing kit in lots of 100. That’s right, minimum order is 100 units.

‘If you’re in the market for a new caravan ask your dealer if it’s ‘Autobacking’.


MIGM Engineering evolved cutting-edge technologies from the humblest of beginnings. Nearly two decades ago one dedicated man began building this company with his skills, his passion, a milling machine and a lathe. It was this same enthusiasm that later inspired

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At MIGM Engineering we make. . Fixtures . Jigs . Prototypes . Production runs . Replacement parts . Tools. . Custom machines . Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Steel Fabrications Our machinery consists of. . 5 axis CNC Milling X 750mm

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