Services_MIGM Engineering in Hallam
At MIGM Engineering we make.

. Fixtures
. Jigs
. Prototypes
. Production runs
. Replacement parts
. Tools.
. Custom machines
. Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Steel Fabrications


Our machinery consists of.

. 5 axis CNC Milling X 750mm Y 600mm Z 520mm
. 3 axis CNC Milling X 635mm Y 510mm Z 460mm
. 4 axis CNC Lathe X 213mm Y +/-40mm Z 450mm Bore Diameter 51
. CNC Plasma cutting X 1200mm Y 3000mm Can cut 32mm steel and 25mm aluminum.
. 1m Lathe with 50mm bore and 300 swing over bed
. 1m Lathe with 105mm bore and 660 swing over bed
. Milling machine with X 900mm Y 450mm Z 400mm
. Milling machine with X 1500mm Y 600mm Z 500mm
. Milling machine with X 2000mm Y 1000mm Z 1000mm
. Surface grinder with 800mm x 400mm table.
. Tig welding
. Mig welding

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Vinyl Wrap Sample Cutting Machine

Vinyl wrap sample cutting machine is an example of problem solving we do for our customers.
This particular customer was having difficulty producing vinyl sample cards for the cabinet making industry. My solution was efficient and economical.


Extrusion Tool

My customer came to me with a dilemma; he had spent well over $10,000 producing an aluminum die plus 250 meters of the extrusion.

You can see anodized grey in the video. Unfortunately the extrusion did not work out to plan for my customer and the top collapsed enough to fall out of alignment with the laser cut faceplate.

I was asked if I could make something that would stretch open the extrusion without damaging it and this is what I made for him. Simple and effective and way cheaper than a new die.


Vacuum Mold

This is a vacuum mold of a bulk sausage tray for the food packaging industry.  In this video, you will see some capacity of my DMU70 5 AXIS Milling Machine and the quality of finish we can achieve.

Machining time for this mold was 22 hours from raw block to finish product and required over 1.3 million lines of information.